Wonder Lake Wonder Lake's population has increased by 200% since the the 2000 census. Most of this growth is due to the annexation of established residential neighborhoods that exist around Wonder Lake.

In 2000, there were 1,345 residents within the village boundaries of Wonder Lake. In 2010, the number of residents living in the village had swelled to 4,026.

Wonder Lake has an higher than average concentration of families (82%) and a number of small local businesses. The Lake sits in the middle of the village, which has resulted in separate gas stations, banking and grocery shopping centers established on each side of the lake.

There are also fire stations located on each side of the lake for public safety as well. The local restaurants are not franchises, instead they are "mom & pop" restaurants, and offer a variety of well prepared foods, including casual take out and comfortable dining- in experiences.

The lake is private, there are no public beach or boating facilities available to the public. Instead, individual homeowner associations manage beach and lake access for their members.

There is a elementary school on the West side, Greenwood School, and Harrison School is located on the East side. The Post Office is located on the East side, while the Village Hall, Police Department and Public Works are located on the West side of the village.

The Wonder Lake has many well established groups that all contribute to making Wonder Lake our special hometown. For more information about Wonder Lake, visit the The Village of Wonder Lake, The Wonder Lake Sportsman Club, Wonder Lake Yacht Club, and the Wonder Lake Ski Team.