Harrison School District 36 — 

Elementary School K-8th Grade, for residents on the east side of Wonder Lake. Harrison School began as Harsh School around 1850 as a log building. The District included a dozen farmhouses. In 1870, the log building burned and a brick building was erected. It was an ungraded one-room school which older boys attended only from November through March so they could help on the farms. The Harsh name was dropped in the late 1870's and the school was named Harrison, the name of the largest family attending. In 1916, the brick building was torn down, and a small frame building was built.

Harrison School grew from a one-room school in 1942 to a 30+ classroom school with technology center.

  • Harrison School PTO 3rd Wednesday of each month, Harrison Technology Center. For information (815) 648-2606
  • Harrison Dist. 36 School Board Meets the second & fourth Tuesdays, 7 pm. Harrison School, (815) 653-2311

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6809 McCullom Lake Rd
60097 Wonder Lake , IL
Phone: (815) 653-2311