Boger Bog — 

Boger Bog Trail Map, 2100 Cherry Valley Rd., Bull Valley (37 acres)
This intimate site features a 1 mile nature trail with boardwalk, council ring, and picnic shelter. Not truly a bog but a graminoid fen, the site is comprised of numerous natural communities including a silt-loam prairie, calcareous seep and spring, an oak woodland and a sedge meadow.


2100 Cherry Valley Rd
60097 Bull Valley , IL


Conservation District (MCCD) — 

McHenry County Conservation District manages over 25,000 acres of open space graced with woodlands, prairies, wetlands, and savannas. In addition, within the District’s sites there are 17 dedicated State Nature Preserves. Thirty-two sites are open to the public to enjoy hiking, biking, fishing, canoeing, picnicking, nature viewing, camping, cross-country skiing and snowmobiling. Environmental education programs for all ages are offered throughout the year.

Visit their website for educational programs and volunteer opportunities.


18410 US Highway 14
60098 Woodstock , IL
Phone: 815-338-6223


Elizabeth Lake — 

Elizabeth Lake Nature Preserve Varga Archaeological Site Trail Map,
Hawk’s Point Road/11000 Lakeview Road, Richmond (352 acres)
Significant natural and archeological features including a graminoid bog highlight this site which includes a 238 acre Illinois State Nature Preserve. A 2 mile interpretive trail and observation deck are featured.


Hawks Point Road
60072 Richmond , IL


Glacier Park — 

Glacial Park Trail Map, 3,298 acres
This remnant of glacial activity contains gravel kames, kettles, restored prairies, oak savannas and wetlands.

Lost Valley Visitor Center, Powers-Walker historic homestead, The Wiedrich Barn and Research Field Station also exist on the site. Recreational opportunities include hiking, biking, canoeing, horseback riding, picnicking, cross country skiing, snowmobiling and wildlife viewing.


6316 Harts Road
60097 Ringwood , IL


Harrison Benwell — 

Harrison Benwell Trail Map (PDF), 74 acres
The oak and hickory woodland and meandering stream make this a favorite site for hikers or cross-country skiers along 1.6 miles of looped trails.


7055 McCullom Lake Road
60097 Wonder Lake , IL


Hebron Trail — 

Hebron Trail Map 54 acres
Constructed on the former K.D. railroad line, this 7-mile trail runs from Church St. in Hebron eastward through North Branch Conservation Area and links with the Prairie Trail in Richmond. A camp-by-bike area is located in North Branch for the convenience of bikers on longer trips.


Church Street
60097 Hebron , IL


Jacobson Park — 

The 29 acre park was donated to the Village of Wonder Lake in the 1970's by a developer.  Five acres have been developed for softball, soccer, tennis, basketball and in-line hockey.  Visit their website for more information.


4150 Thompson Road
60097 Wonder Lake , IL
Phone: (815) 728-0839


Lost Valley Visitors Center — 

Lost Valley Visitor Center (located within Glacial Park, See Trail Map), Route 31 & Harts Rd., Ringwood. Open daily. (815) 678-4532.A model for green technologies, the visitor center serves as the epicenter for exploration of natural history and the study of natural resources. Changing exhibits, a variety of education programs and workshops, a drop-in library with WiFi, Research Field Station and reference library, encourage outdoor enthusiasts of all ages to delve deeper into the natural world.


Harts Road
Ringwood , IL


MCCD's Wildlife Resource Center — 

McHenry County Conservation District's Wildlife Resource Center has three primary goals – environmental education, captive rearing, propagation and reintroduction of selected wildlife species, and rehabilitation of species of conservation concern.

For more information about the Wildlife Resource Center or questions about local wildlife contact (815) 728-8307 or

For more information about McHenry County Conservation District, visit or email


6419 Giant Oak Road
60097 Wonder Lake , IL
Phone: (815) 728-8307


Nippersink Canoe Base — 

Nippersink Canoe Base Trail Map, 370 acres
The Nippersink Canoe Base provides visitors with canoe and fishing access to Nippersink Creek. The site boasts a gallant oak and hickory grove with interpretive signage, picnic shelter, restrooms, drinking fountain and a short .35 mile wooded nature trail. Nippersink Canoe Base site protects the creek and surrounding wetland communities.

Canoe Rentals:

Wet 'n Wild Outfitters 815-814-5155

Tip A Canoe 262-537-3227

Flat Water Canoe & Kayak 815-353-7333


400 E. Route 12
60081 Spring Grove , IL